Cuillette & livraison Arc-en-ciel offre la livraison gratuite de tous les produits de Elancor dans Rawdon pour les commandes de plus de $50.00. Nous offrons également des prix très compétitif pour le cuillette et la livraison de petits colis pour nos membres/clients . À l'heure actuelle, nous cuillons et livrons à/de les regions de Rawdon, Chertsey, Corcoran, St-Ambroise, Ste-Julienne, St-Ligouri et Ste-Marcelline.​

  Rainbow Pick-up & Delivery offers free delivery of all Elancor products in Rawdon for orders over $50.00. We also offer very competive prices for pick-up and delivery of small packages for our member/clients. At the moment we Pick-up and Deliver to/from the regions of Rawdon, Chertsey, Corcoran, St-Ambroise, Ste-Julienne, St-Ligouri et Ste-Marcelline.

A propos nos services / About our services

  Becoming a Member / Client of Rainbow Pick-up & Delivery is easy and completely free. You simply need to fill out our Member / Client Form at the bottom of this page and a registered Member / Client Number will be assigned for you to use when asking for a Pick-upDelivery.

  We only Pick-up / Deliver for Member / Clients to ensure safety to all parties concerned.

  When you as a Member / Client wish to use our service you just need to call our telephone number and give your Member / Client Number to the agent serving you. The agent will ask you if you are at your filed address or at some other address. You will then be asked for the details of the Pick-up, size, approx weight, immediate or at a specific time, and of the Delivery details , address, time, etc. The agent will then arrange for one of our drivers to do the Pick-up at the address and at the time requested.
​  For immediate delivery of a package within your "area" the driver will do the Delivery directly to the specified address. If the package is not for immediate delivery the driver will bring the package to our central office and the package will then be delivered to the specified address at the time requested.