Produits forestiers médicinaux

Medicinal Forest Products

Barks / Ecorces​

Cones / Cocottes

Flowers / Fleurs

Gums / Gommes

Leaves, Needles / Feuilles, Aiguilles

Roots / Racines

Berries, Buds / Baies, Bourgeons

Misc products / Produits Divers


The beauty of nature that surrounds us has always had a deep hold over me. I can still remember the first time I got to leave the city of Montreal, a visit to a farm owned by a family member on my fathers side, where I got to milk a cow, bale hay and all the other things you can do on a farm. 
What I liked most about the farm was being surrounded by fields and forests. The sweet odors of everything, the colours of the leaves, The wind and the rain and the sunshine all seemed so different outside the city, so wonderful. All offering their contribution to the scene and doing it with such grace and with such power.
So it was only natural for me to become interested in plants and their "uniqueness", their usefulness and their dangers.
Below you will find products that I have come to learn about over the last fifty years, products from the fields and forests all across the province of Quebec. Some come from the northern regions, but most come from the abundant fields and forests around Rawdon and Victoriaville, where there is a good mix of hardwoods and softwoods.
All of these products offered here have medicinal values so they should be used with the guidance of a professional where possible.

Leaves / Feuilles

Agrimony / Agrimoine
Alfalfa / Luzerne
Bearberry / Busserole
Beech / Hetre
Bilberry / Myrtille
Birch / Bouleau
Bittersweet / Douce amére
Blackberry / Murier

Blueberry / Bleuet
Blue vervain / Vervaine hastée
​Borage / Bourrache
Burdock / Bardane
Butternut / Noyer tendre
​Catnip / Cataire
​Centaury / Centaurée
Chickweed / Mouron des oiseaux
Cleavers / Galium
​Coltsfoot / Tussilage
Comfrey / Consoude
Dandelion / Pissenlit
Elder / Sureau
Evening primrose / Onagre
Eyebright / Euphrasie
Fir / Sapin baumier
Goldenrod / Verge d'or
Ground ivy / Lierre terrestre
Horehound / Marrube
​Horsetail / Prêle
Hyssop / Hysope
Ivy / Lierre grimpante
Labrador tea / Thé Labrador
Linden / Tilleul
Lobelia / Lobélie
Lungwort / Pulmonaire
Maidenhair fern / Adiante
Mallow / Mauve
Motherwort / Agripaume
Mugwort / Armoise
Mullein / Molène
Oak / Chene
Oats / Avoine
Parsley / Persil
Passionflower / Passiflore
Pennyroyal / Menthe pouliot
Peppermint / Menthe poivrée
​Poplar / Peuplier
Raspberry / Framboisier
Red spruce / Épinette rouge
Sage / Sauge
Senna / Séné
Sheep sorrel /Petite oseille
Shepherd's purse / Bourse a pasteur
Skullcap / Scuttelaire
Stinging nettle / Ortie Piquante
Stoneroot / Collinsone
Strawberry / Fraisier
Tamarack / Mélèze
​Tansy / Tanaisie
Thyme / Thym
Veronica / Véronique
Violet / Violette
White pine / Pin blanc
Wintergreen / Thé des bois
Witch hazel / Hamamélis
Woodruff / Aspérule
Wormwood / Absinthe

Roots / Racines

Aloes / Aloes
Angelica / Angélique
Barberry / Épine vinette
​Blackberry / Murier
Black cohosh / Actée à grappes noires
Bloodroot / Sang dragon
Blue cohosh / Cohosh bleu
Blue flag / Iris
Burdock / Bardane
​Calendula / Souci
​Chicory / Chicorée
Comfrey / Consoude
Couchgrass / Chiendent
Dandelion / Pissenlit
​Elder / Sureau
Elecampane / Aunée
​Fireweed / 
Five finger / Tormentille
​Ginger / Gingembre
Goldenseal / Hydraste
Goldthread / Savoyanne
​Horse radish / Raifort
​Licorice / Réglisse
Milkweed / Asclepiade
Nettle / Ortie piquant
​Pleurisy / Pleuresie
​Pokeroot / Phytolacca
Purple coneflower / Échinacée
Salsaparilla / Salsepareille
Stoneroot / Collinsone
Sweet flag / Calamus
Valerian / Valériane
Yellow dock / Patience

Berries, Buds / Baies, Bourgeons

Burdock / Bardane
​Black walnut / Noyer noir
​Boneset / Eupatoire
Capsicum / Cayenne
Elder / Sureau
​Hawthorn / Aubépine
​Juniper / Genevrier
​Milkweed / Asclepiade
Nettle / Ortie piquant
​Pokeroot / Phytolacca
Poplar / Peuplier
​Senna / Senné
Sumach / Vinaigrier
​Sunflower / Tournesol

Misc products / Produits divers

Books / Livres
Clays, minerals / Argiles, mineraux
Home products / Produits maison
    Dyes / Teintures
    Fibers / Fibres
    Soaps / Savons
    Candels / Chandelles
Insecticides, Pesticides
​Mushrooms / Champignons
Oils /Huiles
Ointments / Onguents
Seeds / Semences
Tree spirits / Essences d'arbres
Videos / Les Vidéos

Homeopathy / Homéopathie

We will very soon be making available to our customers a complete line of homeopathic remedies and products.
Nous mettrons bientôt à la disposition de nos clients une gamme complète de remèdes et produits homéopathiques.

Veterinary / Vétérinaire

We will very soon be making available to our customers a complete line of herbal and homeopathic remedies and products for pets and farm animals.
Nous mettrons bientôt à la disposition de nos clients une gamme complète de remèdes et produits d'herbes et homéopathiques pour les animaux de compagnie et de la ferme.